Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[NatlHS Conf] save Friday, May 3 free webcast -- reducing toxics/improve IAQ in schools through purchasing


National Healthy Schools Day Activity

Friday, May 3, 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific

Healthy Purchasing for Healthy Schools: Green Cleaning + Five More Product Categories to Help Make Schools Healthier, a new policy guidance memo from the Coalition, for schools, personnel, parents, agencies, and advocates.

Presenter: Alicia Culver, Executive Director, Responsible Purchasing Network
Moderator: Tolle Graham, MassCOSH, Co-Chair - Coalition’s Communications Work Group
Commentator: Deborah Moore, Executive Director, Green Schools Initiative

*      Call in number. Due to high interest, please register in advance: info to receive call-in number and copy of the presentation


Alicia Culver holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Cornell University and is currently the executive director of the Responsible Purchasing Network. Alicia’s experience working on sustainability issues spans more than two decades. She has provided technical support to procurement agents and environmental program staff in many states and municipalities. She has helped develop model green purchasing policies and specifications for a wide-range of environmentally preferable goods and services such as low-mercury/energy-efficient fluorescent lamps, asthma-safe cleaning products, and compostable food service ware. Alicia formerly worked as the Deputy Director of the New Jersey Office of Sustainability and founded the Green Purchasing Institute. She currently chairs San Francisco’s Sweatfree Procurement Advisory Group and has served as an advisor to many other organizations, including the National Healthy Schools Network, Green Guide for Health Care, Good Guide, the Product Policy Institute, Environmental Working Group, and the European Environmental Bureau. Among the publications Alicia has co-authored includes Cleaning for Health: Products and Practices for a Safer Indoor Environment, RPN’s Responsible Purchasing Guides to Fluorescent Lighting and LEDs, and Buying Smart: Experiences of Municipal Green Purchasing Pioneers. The Green Purchasing Institute’s Buying Smart report details how states and municipalities across the U.S. have found that their environmentally preferable purchasing initiatives often yield economic as well as environmental rewards.

Tolle Graham is an occupational health and environmental trainer/organizer at MassCOSH, the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health. MassCOSH is a coalition of unions, occupational health and legal professionals, and community groups who are dedicated to improving workplace health and safety and building healthy communities. Tolle has worked at MassCOSH for 20 years. Tolle Graham provides training and technical assistance to schools concerning indoor air quality and environmental problems and helps schools establish environmental health and safety policies and procedures. As a Steering Committee member of the Boston Urban Asthma Coalition and the Massachusetts Asthma Advocacy Partnership, Tolle has brought together health professionals, parents, community groups and school staff to address asthma, health and wellness in the school environment. She is also the Coordinator of the Massachusetts Healthy Schools Network, a statewide advocacy coalition working on design, construction and maintenance for healthy high performance “green” schools.

Deborah Moore, Executive Director, Green Schools Initiative, works to reduce the environmental footprint of K-12 schools in California by engaging students in experiential learning using the school campus as a hands-on sustainability lab. We train teachers, parents, administrators, and school board members on green facilities, operations, and curricula, and advocate for green education policies. We have trained more than 2,000 educators, saving schools and districts millions of dollars; reducing waste, energy, and toxins in schools; and benefiting more than 300,000 students in California. As Co-Founder and Executive Director, I bring my creative talents for pioneering new ideas and strategies, my deep content knowledge on sustainability, health, and environmental education, and my skills as an experienced and inspiring manager, fundraiser, public speaker, and coalition builder.

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