Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December School IPM Newsletter from Colorado

December School IPM Newsletter – Holiday Note To Teachers, Welcome Jeffco Schools, Thank You Genevieve Berry & More

IPM Holiday Notice For Teachers
Holidays in the classrooms are both hectic and exciting.  Help teachers remember to pest proof their classrooms before leaving for break by sending a note. Click here for an example.
Welcome Jeffco Schools
Jeffco school district has officially begun their School IPM program. Three pest audits were conducted at Jeffco schools last month. To learn more about audits and welcome Thomas Riggle and Jeffco, click here.  

Thank You Genevieve Berry
A big thank you goes out to Genevieve Berry as she leaves the School IPM program on January 14, 2014. Click here to learn more.

Creating A School IPM Culture
Creating a ‘School IPM’ culture is one of the biggest hurdles maintenance and facility staff face.  To learn how to foster your ‘School IPM’ culture, click here.

Building An IPM Team
Kitchen staff are critical members of any School IPM team.  For IPM steps they can easily implement, click here.

Breakfast In The Classroom (BIC) Benefits
Breakfast in the classroom (BIC) programs are having demonstrable benefits.  Click here to learn what a study reported in the November, 2014, JAMA Pediatrics has to say. 

#1 Pest In Schools & Homes
The house mouse is the number one pest in schools and homes.  For information about IPM strategies for dealing with mice, click here.

Urban Legends & Wasp Spray
Heard the urban legend about using wasp spray to fight off attackers?  This urban legend just re-emerged in Fort Collins, click here to learn why this legend is wrong.

CSU Environmental Health Interns
CSU Environmental Health program has interns available to assist with your programs.  Click here to learn more about the program.

December 16 – Free EPA Webinar:  “Controlling Bed Bugs in Schools”
For more information and to register for this webinar, visit:

Thank you for your dedication and support of School IPM.  Happy Holidays To You & Your Family!

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