Monday, November 3, 2014

New stink bug field guide available - orders due Nov 7

The second edition of the Field Guide to Stink Bugs of Agricultural Importance in the United States is available for purchase online. Led by Dr. D. Ames Herbert at Virginia Tech, this updated version of the "Field Guide to Stink Bugs" contains identification photos and descriptions of most stink bug species currently in the U.S., in addition to photos of beneficial species, stink bug-like species, and feeding injury. The guide includes photos of the brown marmorated stink bug as well. You can preview the copy of the guide at the following web page:

Please go to [web page with order form] and fill out the order form by November 7, 2014. Be sure to include the number of copies. To pay for your copies, please send a check made out to North Carolina State University. Instructions for sending the check are included on the order web page. We cannot take credit card orders.

Booklets cost $1.75 a piece, in addition to the following shipping costs:

1-25 guides: $5
Over 25: $15 per box (up to 250 guides are in 1 box)

If you have questions about the guide or how to order, please e-mail Rosemary Hallberg ( or call her at 919-513-8182.

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