Friday, February 15, 2013

Preventive Maintenance: Tips to Reduce Facility Costs & Breakdowns - Facility Masters Webcast - 2/26 @ 12pm EST

The next Facility Masters webcast will be on February 26 from 12:00-1:15pm EST, and the topic is Preventive Maintenance: Tips to Reduce Facility Costs and Breakdowns

Join us for this free webcast to learn how performing regular PM can help you reduce maintenance costs, decrease the risk of breakdowns and emergencies, and increase facility and equipment life. 

If you’d like to attend or to receive the webcast recording, simply register online at:

·         Paul Matthews: Assistant Vice President of Campus Planning & Operations – Roosevelt University, IL
·         Gus Kalady: Chief Engineer – Roosevelt University, IL
·         Edwin Zelek: Facilities Management Specialist – Prince William County Schools, VA
·         Jeff Pearson: Building Services Shop Foreman – Prince William County Schools, VA

Please forward this invitation to any of your colleagues who might be interested in joining us for this informative webcast.

If you have any Preventive Maintenance related documents or best practices you’d like to share with the listserv, please reply!

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Facility Masters
Marketing Manager
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