Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 21 Webinar - Green Pest Management; Reducing Asthma Triggers in Schools Using Integrated Pest Management Techniques

Reducing Asthma Triggers Using Integrated Pest Management Techniques

Free Webinar, Thursday, February 21, 1 EST, 12 CST, 10 PST.

Asthma in America is epidemic among children, impacting nearly 25% in urban areas and becoming the leading cause of hospital visits in low-income neighborhoods each year. Pest allergens and pesticides are contributing factors, with cockroaches being among the most potent asthma triggers. So how can you utilize best management practices to effectively control pest allergens through integrated pest management (IPM)?
Green Shield Certified®, an award-winning, independent certification for practitioners of effective, prevention-based IPM, will host a webinar on Thursday, February 21, at 12:00PM CST. Participants will learn ways to manage and reduce asthma triggers by controlling pest allergens using green pest management techniques. Topics include:
·         Why pest allergens trigger asthma symptoms
·         Pest allergens as a major public health issue
·         Asthma statistics in public housing and schools
·         Successful IPM-based pest allergen reduction projects
·         ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Best management practices to prevent asthma triggers

Speakers include: John Kane, IPM coordinator and planner, Boston Housing Authority; Dr. Chad Gore, entomologist and regional technical manager, Rentokil; and Dr. Thomas Green, president, IPM Institute. Time will be provided at the end of the presentation for Q & A.

This webinar is open to Extension agents, education administrators, health inspectors, facility managers, pest management professionals and others interested in learning more about reducing asthma triggers. Please
register now for this free webinar! Registrants will receive a confirmation email with details for joining the webinar.

About our presenters:
John Kane is the IPM coordinator and planner at the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) and has worked to create and implement the organization’s IPM program since its inception in 2005. John will discuss the successes and challenges of BHA’s IPM program, including decreased asthma symptoms in public housing residents and effective tenant and property management IPM education tactics.
Dr. Chad Gore is a former research associate at North Carolina State University whose specialized work included developing novel IPM strategies to reduce cockroach allergens in schools and homes. Chad will discuss effective IPM techniques pest management professionals and facility managers can use to mitigate cockroach allergens.
Dr. Thomas Green is president of the IPM Institute of North America, a non-profit he co-founded in 1998 to leverage the power of the marketplace to drive improvements in health and environment. Tom will introduce why pest allergens trigger asthma symptoms and the need to address asthma rates as a key public health concern.
This webinar is the third in a series. To view a recording of the previous webinars visit

For any questions or comments please contact Caitlin Seifert, Green Shield Certified project coordinator, at or by phone at (608)232-1426.

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