Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Green Pest Management Webinar; Protecting Your Schools and Facilities Using Advanced Integrated Pest Management

Free Webinar, Thursday, October 4, 1 EDT, 12 CDT, 10 PDT.

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There are many shades of green when it comes to managing pests. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices can range from a basic “treat when over threshold based on monitoring” approach to advanced techniques focused on eliminating pest-conducive conditions. So how can you transition your pest management program from basic to advanced IPM?

Green Shield Certified®, an award-winning, independent certification for practitioners of effective, prevention-based IPM, will host a free webinar on Thursday, October 4, at 12:00PM CDT. Participants will learn how to use green pest management techniques to solve even the most difficult pest problems. Topics include:

  • Basic vs. advanced IPM
  • Importance of advanced IPM
  • Using green techniques to eliminate pests
  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Unique examples of difficult pest problems
  • Benefits of offering an advanced IPM service

Speakers include: Dr. Austin Frishman, president, AMF Pest Management Services; Keith Willingham, vice president of technical services, Western Exterminator Company; and Dr. Thomas Green, president, IPM Institute. Time will be provided at the end of the presentation for Q & A.

This webinar is open to facility managers, IPM coordinators, Extension agents, health inspectors, pest management professionals and anyone interested in learning more about advanced IPM. Only 100 spaces are available; please register now for this free webinar! Registrants will receive a confirmation email with details for joining the webinar.

About our presenters:

Dr. Austin Frishman is a world-renowned entomologist, consultant, author and speaker with over 40 years of experience in pest management. Austin will discuss green techniques to eliminate pests and share stories about resolving difficult pest problems using advanced IPM.

Keith Willingham is vice president of technical services at Western Exterminator Company in Anaheim, California. Keith started out in the pest management industry as a field technician and has been with Western for over 28 years. He will discuss the benefits of advanced IPM techniques to practitioners.

Dr. Thomas Green is president of the IPM Institute of North America, a non-profit he co-founded in 1998 to leverage the power of the marketplace to drive improvements in health and environment. Tom will introduce advanced IPM fundamentals and the importance of advanced IPM.

This webinar is the second in a series. To view a recording of the first webinar, "Marketing Your Green Service Effectively; Converting Prospects to Clients," visit

For any questions or comments please contact Caitlin Seifert, Green Shield Certified project coordinator, at or by phone at (608)232-1426.

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