Friday, September 14, 2012

EPA Reorganized/Restructured Mosquito and Pesticides Information

The US EPA has restructured and reorganized/updates the mosquitoes and pesticides (including DEET) information posted on the web site. This may be found at . Please remember that additional mosquito control/prevention and pesticide information is also posted at the National Pesticide Information Center at .

"The EPA has reorganized its resources about controlling mosquitoes and preventing bites on its website. Though the summer is winding down, the EPA advises the public that mosquitoes can still present a serious risk to public health. The new resource directory includes simple, do-it-yourself prevention methods such as removal of standing sources of water where mosquitoes breed, easy tips to prevent being bitten, how to use insect repellants safely, and information about pesticides commonly used in mosquito control programs. The agency understands that Americans are concerned about recent increases in mosquito-borne diseases across the United States, especially the West Nile virus, and is committed to helping people understand how they can be more vigilant in protecting themselves from risks posed by mosquitoes."

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