Monday, October 31, 2011

Extension School Integrated Pest Management: Tool Box

School IPM resources from

National and State School IPM Programs in the U.S.
Click the above link to find national school IPM information as well as find out what School IPM programs are running in your state. Some of the websites you might find particularly useful are the school IPM sites that are put up by the Environmental Protection Agency, IPM Technical Resource Center, The IPM Institute of North America, The National School IPM Information Source (University of Florida) and the Southwest Technical Resource Center (Texas A&M University).

School IPM Newsletters and Pest Presses
All of these pages link outside of and are excellent resources to consider as part of your school IPM program. Be aware of the fact that the topics covered in these newsletters may be area specific. For example, if your schools are located in the northeast, Arizona's publication on scorpions will not apply to you.

Forms for Professionals
These forms have been created, modified and used across the United States. In some cases there are variations of the same form. Our goal in providing these resources is that you will modify them to suit the needs of your school IPM program.

Pest Vulnerable Areas Within Schools
There may be more to a school than meets the eye. When the lights go out at the end of the day, two, four, six, and eight legged invaders may abound. Researchers at many locations are working with public schools to apply an integrated approach to pest management in the school environment. With an integrated approach, pest managers may reduce pest problems while reducing pesticide applications…

School IPM Personnel Communication
Communication is the key to beginning and maintaining an IPM program. The success of IPM depends on cooperation of many individuals. Pest management is not the sole responsibility of the pest manager. Proper maintenance, housekeeping and sanitation of buildings are important for successful long-term management…

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