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Updated URL list: Bed Bug Management Program References from US EPA Region 5

1. EPA Bed Bug References:

EPA Bed Bug Web Site:

EPA Region 5 (Chicago) Bed Bug Resources:

EPA Top Ten Bed Bug Tips:

EPA Funded National Pesticide Information Center on Bed Bugs:

EPA Bed Bug Pesticide Product Search Tool:

CDC/EPA Joint Statement on Bed Bug Control:

EPA Consumer Alert about Careful Selection Bed Bug Pesticides:!OpenDocument

Selecting a Pest Control Company:

Ask EPA a Question, or Search Common Pesticide Questions:

2. Illinois Specific Bed Bug Resources:

Illinois Department of Public Health Bed Bug Home Page (further links to fact sheets on ID, prevention, in multi-unit housing, hospitals, schools and office buildings):

City of Chicago Bed Bug Home Page:

Safer Pest Control Project Bed Bug Resources (IPM basics for bed bugs, in schools, checklists for tenants or landlords in English/Spanish, how to hire a Pest professional for bed bugs):

Illinois Department of Public Health Pest Control Business License Verification:

Illinois Department of Agriculture Pesticide Product Search and Verification:

Mattress Purchases in Chicago Fact Sheet:

Bed Bugs in Chicago Information:

3. Bed Bug Biology Basics:

Ohio Bed Bug Identification Fact Sheet:

Illinois Bed Bug Identification Fact Sheet:

Bed Bug Central Identification Information:

Bed Bug Identification and Signs by Oregon State Univ.:

Purdue Univ. Mail Identification Service:

Insect ID Online Guide [BugGuide]:

Bed bugs and other Insects Photo ID Help:

Bed Bug Basics:

Bed Bug Basics Article by Noted Expert at Armed Forces Pest Mgt. Board:

Univ. of Kentucky Bed Bug Basics:

Bed Bug Online Videos:

Univ .of Missouri Extension Bed Bug Control Video Online:

Cornell University Frequently Asked Questions on Bed Bugs:

National Pest Management Association Frequently Asked Questions:

Bed Bug Myths (Ohio):

4. Bed Bugs as Public Health Pests:

Bed Bug as Public Health Pests EPA/CDC Declaration:

Bed Bug Bites Clinical Consequences:

Bed Bugs and Infectious Diseases Review:

American Medical Association Patient Fact Sheet on Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs Public Health & Social Justice J. Env. Health:

Bed Bug Bites versus Other Bug Bites:

CDC Bed Bug Frequently Asked Questions on Health Risks and Disease:

Human Reaction to bed Bug Bites [Pest Control Tech]:

Public Health Significance of Urban Pests:

5. Maps of Bed Bug Distributions or Prevalence in the US:

Bed Bug Registry for Guest Hotel Reports:

Bed Bug Reports Website for Guest Reports on Hotels:

Bed Bug Infestation Maps by State:

Terminix Top Bed Bug Cities based on public calls:

Orkin Top Bed Bug Cities based on service accounts:

6. Notable Multi-Unit Housing Specific Bed Bug Information, Guidances, and Action Plans:

Bed Bug Control in Multi-Family Housing:

Michigan Bed Bug Control Brochure Focused on Tenants/Landlords:

Bed Bug Checklist for Building Managers and Landlords by Safer Pest Control Project (also available in Spanish):

Bed Bug Checklist for Building Tenants by Safer Pest Control Project (also available in Spanish):

Bed Bug Prevention and Control Information for Homeowners and Tenants from Minnesota:

Humbolt Co. Health Dept. California Bed Bug Prevention Checklist for Apartment Operators:

Bed Bug Information for Landlords (Ramsey Co. MN):

Developing a Bed Bug Strategy:

Bed Bug Infestations and Dispersal in High Rise Apartment Buildings Study:

Bed Bug Management for Accommodation Providers in Australia:

Landlord/Tenant Responsibilities Fact Sheet by Natl. Pest Mgt. Association:

Checking a Bed for Bed Bugs Online Video by Bedbug Central:

Bed Bug Fact Sheet in 13 Languages from Toronto Public Health:

Protect-A-Bed Early Detection Poster:

Bed Bug Action Plan Slide Show by GriffinPest:

7. Notable Bed Bug Workshops and Trainings Specific to Multi-Unit Dwellings:

Bed Bug Training for Apartment Staff in OH:

Virginia Dept. Agriculture Training for Multi-Family Housing: or

Bed Bug Central University Summit Sept. 2011 in Chicago (multi-family & group homes learning tracks):

8. Notable Homeless Shelter Specific Bed Bug Information, Guidances, and Action Plans:

Virginia Tech Bed Bug Action Plan for Shelters:

Guidelines for Management of Bed Bugs in Shelters and Group Living Facilities:

Cornell Guidelines for Bed Bug Prevention & Management in Shelters & Group Living Facilities:

Toronto Bed Bug Handbook for Shelter Operators:

British Columbia Homeless Bed Bug Heat Treatment Construction Guide:

Humbolt Co. Health Dept. California Bed Bug Prevention Checklist for Shelter Operators:

Bed Bug Infestations in Urban Environment Study (focus on shelters in Toronto):

9. Notable Bed Bug General Prevention/Control Guidances:

CDC Bed Bug Resources (links to other important references):

Bed Bug Treatments and What You Should Expect:

New York Bed Bug Resources Links (many different items):

Bed Bug Central Resources:

New York City Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Pictorial Guide:

Cornell Bed Bug IPM Brochure:

Michigan Manual for the Prevention and Control of Bed Bugs:

Florida Multiple Bed Bug Resources (videos, manual, more):

National Pest Management Assoc. Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs (for consumers):

National Pest Management Assoc. Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs (for industry professionals):

Armed Forces Pest Management Board Bed Bug Control Strategies:

Bed Bug Handbook (purchase):

Connecticut Bed Bug Resources (homeowner guide in multiple languages, pest professional information, detection dogs):

North Carolina Bed Bug Biology and Control:

Bed Bug Fact Sheet by Safer Pest Control Project (also available in Spanish):

Free online CDC Video Training Courses on Bed Bugs (and other public health pests) for Environmental Health Professionals (3 videos – Doing Your Part in Community Effort, Infestations, & What You Need to Know):

Bed Bug Handbook (w/many other resources):

Australia Code of Practice for Bed Bug Control:

Bed Bug Detection Tools/Methods:

Michigan Bed Bug Mattress Fact Sheet:

Bed Bugs Mattress and Box Spring Encasements:

Bed Bug Central Mattress Encasements Products Evaluation Video:

Guidelines for Killing Bed Bugs in the Laundry by Texas A&M:

Insecticides Labeled for Bed Bugs:

Insecticide List for Bed Bugs by Univ. Nebraska:

Insecticide List of Products for Bed Bugs from MN:

Efficacy of Bed Bug Control Products Lab BioAssays:

Portable Bed Bug Heat Chambers Video by Univ. FL:

Bed Bug ID Cards for Printing from New York:

Control of Bed Bugs in Homes – a Pest Control Company Guide:

Bed Bug Manual for Pest Professionals by PestWest Environ.:

Univ. of Florida Background on Dogs for Bed Bug Detection:

Bed Bug Dogs Accreditation by NESDCA:

10. Tips/Advice for Hiring Pest Management Professionals:

Choosing a Pest Management Professional for Bed Bugs:

Tips on Hiring a Pest Professional for Bed Bugs by Safer Pest Control Project:

How to Choose a Pest Control Company by Bed Bug Central:

Federal Trade Commission Advice on Hiring a Professional for Bed Bug Control:

Hiring a Pest Control Company (Ramsey Co MN):

Expected Bed Bug Service Contract (Ontario):

Bed Bug Pest Management Professionals Certified by Bed Bug Central Univ.: or

National Pest Management Association Green Pro Pest Professional Selection:

IPM Institute Green Shield Certified Pest Professional:

Beyond Pesticides Least Toxic Service Directory for Pest Professionals:

Ontario Expected Pest Professional Warranty Expectations:

Compiled June 2011 by: Donald Baumgartner, U.S. EPA Region 5, or 312/886-7835. All web site links were verified as active and current as of June 20, 2011.

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