Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Resources for School IPM Coalitions

With support from the US EPA, the national school IPM steering committee and the IPM Institute of North American recently developed a list of key documents for helping schools create self-expanding coalition projects. School IPM coalitions use professionals already trained and working in schools to recruit and mentor professionals from other school systems in their state. The following coalition resources are now available to assist professionals in developing and maintaining coalitions throughout the country:
  • Coalition Operating Manual: this six-page PDF explains the benefits and purpose of school IPM, provides suggestions starting a coalition—including recruiting peers, gives tips on how to organize meetings and provides tools for continuing education and sustainability.

  • Model Funding Resources for a School IPM Coalition: this 12-page PDF contains a sample list of model coalition budgets as well as potential sources for leveraging financial support.

  • School IPM Coalition Memorandum of Understanding: this two-page PDF provides a sample written understanding of tenants that coalition leaders and members agree to, including the definition of IPM, involved parties and their roles, a description of quarterly or biannual meetings, and agreement to collect baseline metrics to help fulfill grant deliverables.

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