Monday, June 6, 2011

University of Maryland - New Lawn Care Resources

The University of Maryland is happy to announce a new educational poster series. This project is a collaborative effort with the Community IPM Working Group of the Northeastern IPM Center and University of Maryland Extension. The posters have been on display at the US Botanic Garden since August and at various field days, earth days, etc. There is a series of 8 posters on sustainable lawn care and 15 posters on low-input, sustainable plants for the landscape. The project was funded by a Northeastern IPM Center Publications Grant in 2010.

The downloadable posters link will take you to a page request contact information and how you are going to use them. We need to collect impact information for the universities involved. If you click on the samples first you can get a preview of the files before going to the download page. The samples are highlighted below (Persian parrotia and “Mow Right, Feed Right, Water Right”)

New Educational Resource Section! - Downloadable posters on
"Sustainable Lawn Care" and diversify your garden with "Expert Plant Picks". Here are examples of available posters: "Mow Right, Feed Right, Water Right" for lawns, and Persian parrotia (tree) in "Expert Plant Picks". Low resolution files are available for viewing and printing and high resolution files are available for printing posters up to 24" X 28". Download page.

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