Monday, June 6, 2011

55th Annual ASPCRO Meeting

Join us at the beautiful historic Marriott Point Clear Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama, on the shores of Mobile Bay for the 55th annual meeting of the Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials. This year’s conference promises attendees a valuable opportunity to hear presentations and sessions on some of today’s most timely and important structural and urban pesticide issues affecting regulators.

Monday starts off with a re-visit to the pest du jour – bed bugs, to discuss new treatment technologies, current legislative trends, and how are states dealing with the pest, the public and the pressure for action. The afternoon includes a focus on integrated pest management put into practice with a look at the Grand’s successful incorporation of the green concept and sustainability. We will have a behind the scene tour of the facility, grounds and gardens. Several other topics during the conference will tackle other pertinent issues facing regulators including dealing with delusory parasitosis, understanding issues related to liability and contract litigation, the emerging incorporation of nanotechnology in pesticides, and demonstrating the results of training as a compliance tool. A timely panel discussion of implementation of the risk mitigation measures for rodenticides and what that means for regulators and applicators is also on the agenda.

Never participated in ASPCRO? Structural pest control not your highest priority, but often you biggest headache? These are both great reasons to attend the conference not only for the quality presentations but the chance to network and interact with your regulatory peers who may provide beneficial insight. We encourage everyone attending the conference to also attend our Board meeting on Sunday or the various working committee meetings before and throughout the conference.

55th Annual ASPCRO Meeting Brochure

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