Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leadership in Science: Teaching Safely and Teaching Safety

Attention Science educators, STEM advocates, health and safety, lab safety, security, IAQ, IPM, emergency and risk management professionals, first responders, school administrators, parents…

Nominate a Healthy Schools Hero
Do you know someone whose sense of responsibility, inspirational leadership, and exemplary persistence and courage protects children from school hazards and unhealthy school conditions? Help make March 18 an annual day that brings the Lessons of the 1937 Texas School Explosion to our schools and celebrates the leadership that can save lives.

The Healthy Schools Hero Award was created as an annual opportunity to bring the Lessons of the 1937 Texas School Explosion to today’s schools.

• Tell the story of the March 18, 1937 Texas School Explosion.
• Promote inspirational examples of safety leadership and partnerships.
• Establish 21st century standards and safeguards for teaching safely and teaching safety.
• Bring safety from the margins to the core of school curriculum and community culture.

Send your hero's name, contact information, and your hero's story by February 15, 2011 to Ellie Goldberg,

Learn more: Lessons of the 1937 Texas School Explosion

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