Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Entomological Society of America - New Website

In December, 2010, The Entomological Society of America launched a new website and a new Networks platform. With the transition, you will NOT be automatically subscribed to the new networks system. If you wish to continue as a network member, or become a network member please create an account at http://esanetworks.org/main/authorization/signUp, and sign up for the groups you wish to join.

The new platform is simpler than before and allows users to easily join/leave the Networks, to change their settings, and to post photos, videos, blogs and other items. The new Networks are open to anyone -- including non-ESA members.

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  1. There are 25 members of the School IPM Network as of today (Jan 26, 2011). Once you get a user name and password for the Network platform, go to this link to join the School IPM Network: http://esanetworks.org/group/schoolipmnetwork