Monday, October 27, 2014

EPA Releases New Guidance to Improve Schools' Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

EPA’s Indoor Environment’s Division have released new guidance resources, Energy Savings Plus Health:  Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades.  The guidance was developed in collaboration with EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program and incorporates indoor air quality (IAQ) and health protections into energy efficiency retrofits and other building upgrade projects. 

School districts who utilize the guidelines, which address 23 critical topics for building upgrades, will find it easier to coordinate energy efficiency upgrades without compromising occupant health. 

Topics covered in the Guidelines include moisture control and mold, building products and materials and ambient air quality and also include:
·         Assessment protocols and minimum and expanded actions for protecting IAQ during building upgrades.
·         Table linking typical energy efficiency and building upgrade projects to corresponding assessment protocols and recommended actions.
·         Supporting appendices and a master verification checklist.
·         “Checklist Generator” tool for users to streamline guidance for their specific project. 

School districts across the country will reap the benefits of improved student and staff health and reduced operational costs.  While IAQ plays a critical role in the health, attendance and academic performance of students, improving energy efficiency in school buildings can have a significant environmental and economic benefit.  The Energy Savings Plus Health Guidelines provide a strategy to help prioritize energy efficiency and IAQ protection goals to achieve high performing schools. 

Download the Energy Savings Plus Health:  Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades at

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