Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New School IPM Online Learning Modules: Education Teachers about School IPM in TX!

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in partnership with eXtension have two new school IPM online learning modules to help you, the IPM Coordinator educate your teachers about school IPM in TX.  

The first lesson is on what is School IPM, why should your staff be concerned, chain of command and a few other necessary components for Texans.  

The second module is designed for teachers who have gardens,  ag science classes or others who have work outdoors and with volunteers.  This module will discuss some of the info the teacher will need to know for their program and students, plus what they need to consider with the IPM Coordinator and TX School IPM rules. 

And it's all FREE! - but you do have to register.  Please go check these out and use them for your IPM program!

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