Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bed Bug GRANT OPPORTUNITY Non-Profits and Tribes only = EPA Opportunity to Apply for 2013 EJ Small Grants - DEADLINE Jan 7, 2013

The EPA just announced today the availability of small grants (up to $30,000 each) for EJ related projects (certainly could include bed bugs and pesticide minimization in EJ areas) to non-profits and Tribes. Unfortunately, State universities and State agencies are NOT eligible. So, if you know of an advocacy organization that may be interested, please forward this announcement to them.

This may be a great opportunity especially for Tribes to start getting involved in bed bug stuff. Much more attention needs to be directed at Tribes to support bed bug activities.

DEADLINE  for submission is Jan 7, 2013. No match is required. EPA will host 4 pre-application conference calls (see below).

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