Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For California - Healthy Schools Act Reminders for the School Year and 2012-2013 School IPM Recordkeeping Calendar

With the beginning of the school year already here or quickly approaching, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) would like to recommend two helpful school integrated pest management (IPM) resources for use throughout the school year.

Reminders for the School Year

School district staff can review the requirements of the Healthy Schools Act (HSA) using the Reminders for the School Year document. DPR prepared this document to help schools comply with the requirements of the HSA. The document also provides school district staff with examples of school IPM practices and helpful tips for selecting and working with pest control contractors. You can download a copy of Reminders for the School Year from the DPR Web site:

2012-2013 School IPM Recordkeeping Calendar

The 2012-2013 Integrated Pest Management School Recordkeeping Calendar is now available. This calendar is designed as a planning tool for the management of major pests of school buildings and grounds. It is intended for use by school maintenance, operations and grounds staff to serve as a reminder of seasonal pest management activities, and to provide a handy location to record monitoring results and management practices completed during the year. The calendar features a major pest each month with IPM tips for managing each pest.

An electronic copy of the calendar can be downloaded from the DPR School IPM Web site: Or California School Districts may request a free copy by e-mailing

Visit DPR's School IPM Web site for additional school IPM information and resources:

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  1. This calendar is for California pest issues, which may occur at different times than in other parts of the United States.