Monday, April 16, 2012

PA IPM News Spring 2012 Now Available

The PA IPM News Spring 2012 edition is now available as a downloadable PDF file from Web site at

In This Issue:

Bed Bugs Can’t Beat the Heat at Penn State - As bed bugs continue to be a growing problem in apartment buildings, dorm rooms, hotels, hospitals and homes across the country, a new treatment method is proving to be very effective and less disruptive for students at Penn State.

Uninvited Guests – Ants

When “Green” is not so Green - Take a walk down the aisle of your local supermarket or hardware store and you’ll see plenty of products with labels using phrases like “eco-safe” and “environmentally friendly”. Such “green” claims can help us choose better products, but how can we be sure they are what they claim?

West Nile Virus Strikes Early - A mild winter and balmy spring temperatures means increasing mosquito populations and the diseases they carry, including West Nile Virus.

Christmas Tree Scouting Reports Available - Christmas tree scouting reports for the 2012 growing season are now available online at the Pennsylvania IPM Program’s website at and on the 1-800 PENN IPM hotline.

• Guidelines on Bed Bug Prevention and Control in Public Housing - Bed bug infestations have become a serious problem in housing throughout the country. HUD’s new Guidelines on Bedbug Control and Prevention in Public Housing provides information and references to best practices regarding the prevention and control of bed bug infestations.

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