Friday, May 13, 2011

New EPA Lawn Care Videos

New EPA Lawn Care Videos Encourage Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Practices

EPA has created a series of new videos to encourage homeowners and communities to adopt healthy lawn care practices as a means of reducing pesticide risk to human health and the environment. Healthy, environmentally friendly lawn and landscape practices can reduce erosion, stream sedimentation, flooding, and runoff of pollutants into local waterways as well as risk of pesticide exposure to children, adults, pets, and wildlife.

The video series was developed to educate homeowners, garden clubs, Master Gardeners, civic associations, and others seeking a healthy, environmentally friendly lawn. In addition, the video was created as an educational tool to assist federal, state, and local government agencies and community-based groups with their existing outreach and education efforts. The series is available in a 4-minute format, an extended 11-minute format, and several short, topic-specific versions. Topics covered include soil testing, watering, mowing, weed and pest control, fertilizer use, aerating soil, and controlling runoff.

To view EPA’s new healthy lawn care practices video, visit:

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