Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 Head Lice and Bed Bugs Pest Presses Now Available

2010 Head Lice (English and Spanish) and Bed Bugs Pest Presses are now available through the Western School IPM Working Group’s website: http://ag.arizona.edu/apmc/westernschoolIPM.html and the School IPM 2015 Resources page: http://www.ipminstitute.org/school_ipm_2015/resources.htm#pest_presses

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  1. Where did that head lice came from? Is there any way to stop them? coz it’s kind of annoying when they are living on you, your scalp will be itchy and sometimes you can’t concentrate on your works. The most things are when I was in a meeting and in front of my co investors I scratch my head and I can’t stop it coz it’s so itchy is there any quick head lice treatment that can help me with it.